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New Cover of "Men In Midlife Crisis"Jim's classic book
had a make-over.

Men In Midlife Crisis

Still a best seller!


Video book review by Dee Lauderdale of

"If you're a guy, over 35, get this book - read it.

This is going to prepare you for what's going to happen.

If you're a guy that's in the midst of something

that's happening in your life, and you can't figure out what's going on,

get this book, it's going to explain what's going on in your life.

Ladies, wives - if you've got a husband, and you can't figure out

why he's being wierd - if he's over 35 years old, get this book!"

~ Dee Lauderdale


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If you are a woman whose husband is going through a midlife crisis and you have many unanswered questions, Your Husband's Midlife Crisis is sure to answer those questions.

It will give you hope in the midst of a desert of hopelessness.

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"A New Path For Your Second Half"
Are you asking...    Is this all there is?
Is this what I want for the rest of my life? 

Does my life matter?
READ AT YOUR OWN RISK   ~   Your life will never be the same!

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A New Path For Your Second Half

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Are you asking...
Is this all there is?
Is this what I want for the rest of my life?
Does my life matter?


Your life will never be the same!

My husband, Doug, and I quit our jobs to embrace our dream. I'm often asked, "Tell me how you did it?" When I explain, I usually hear, "Well, I can't even consider this right now - maybe someday!" "Someday" may never come. If you feel God's leading you to do something different with the rest of your life - don't wait! This story could be a model, and give you ideas. You might not have the time you think!

I challenge you to read my book, use the study guide included in the book, and make a difference in the second half of your life.

~ Jan Kinne Conway

The first half of my life I made a living. The second half, I made a difference. ~ Doug Kinne, M.D. 1941 - 2000

I double dog dare you to read this book! - Donn  

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The Finisher is a story which speaks to the desire of every Christian heart.  With insight and humor, Jan Kinne Conway captures the spiritual strength of a great man who ran his race with the goal of finishing well for God's glory.  This is a story to read and treasure and pass along to everyone you know.

Bodie Thoene,
Best Selling Author, 45 books of Christian historical fiction

Some books make you a better person, just for reading them.  The Finisher is such a book.  Jan Conway has captured a life well lived and inspires us to do the same.  If you are at a fork in the road in life, no matter your age, The Finisher will challenge you to take the risks, believe God, and go after the full abundant life God promises.  If you are tired of the hohum of life, or if the stress of life has gotten you down, pick up this book to pick up your life.  Be careful, it comes with a warning:  Read at your own risk -- your life will never be the same!

Bill and Pam Farrel

Interntional speakers, authors, 28 books such as

Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti

This book is about an extraordinary man, an amazing adventure, and -- most of all -- divine purpose.  Jesus calls us to produce "fruits that last," fruit with eternal significance.  This book will inspire you to docus on what really counts as you finish your one, and only, life.

Kent Hunter

Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

Doug Kinne is an inspiration to others who want the second half of life to be more fulfilling.  He walked away from a comfortable life style in midlife, and used his profession to make a difference for eternity.  You will be inspired by his life and challenged to consider a change for your life.

Loren Cunningham

Founder, Youth With A Mission

President, University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii

Reading this book is dangerous.  You will be profoundly moved to action!  The Finisher is a warm, touching, funny, yet practical book with specific help for the second half of your life.  Jan writes from real life -- she has been where you are!  She is authentic, vulnerable, and radiates enthusiasm!  She gives practical steps so that your life can "Make a Difference".

Jim Conway, Ph.D.

President, Midlife Dimensions

Author, 16 books such as Men in Midlife Crisis, Traits of a Lasting Marriage,

When a Mate Wants Out, and Women in Midlife Crisis

I often recite the story of Doug and Jan Kinne.  Had Doug waited until the conventional time to retire, he would have missed it.  This is the story of an early finisher, a partner in the gospel, and a friend who is now part of the great cloud of witnesses.  I pray it challenges you to consider your second half and the legacy you want to send ahead.

Nelson Malwitz

Founder and Chief Innovative Office, Finishers Project

Resources / Website Links

  • - (Incorrectly listed as in the book).  A complete website that matches midlife baby boomers to appropriate ministries with great links to other ministries and organizations.  The Finisher's Forum holds several meetings each year for networking, information gathering and missionary preparation.
  • - This site also links ministry-minded persons with opportunities to serve God.
  • - Doug and Jan trained and served at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii.  This site gives details on the five-month Discipleship Training School (DTS), and Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS).
  • - (  This site offers full-time opportunities for service in your area of expertise.
  • - Offers opportunities to practice medicine worldwide on a short-term basis.
  • - Offers short term mission opportunities for physicians, dentists, nurses, dental hygienist.
  • - Insights for dealing with the confusion and stress often associated with the midlife transition.
  • - A new and very exciting approach to evangelism:  Bringing people to Jesus internationally, via the internet, from your home.

Introduction from "The Finisher" by Jan Kinne Conway

This book has been written in response to the many questions I receive almost daily - questions about how we changed careers and went into full-time missionary work at midlife.  My husband and I quit our jobs in the medical field when we were in our late forties to go into missions.  People frequently say, "I would love to do something like that, but I can't see how I could."  They usually go on to tell me the kids are in college, they have aging parents, a mortgage on the house, the list goes on, unique to each person, yet strikingly similar.  "Tell me how you did it," they ask.  When I start to explain, I usually hear, "Well, I can't even consider this right now, maybe someday...!"

Well, I'm here to tell you that "someday" may never come.  I encourage you, if you feel God leading you to do something different with the rest of your life, don't wait!  You might not have the time left you think!


On October 14, 2000 at 1:06 a.m., I took my husband Doug's hand and handed him over to Jesus!  At that moment when Jesus took him home, Doug finished his race.


The first half of my life I made a living. The second half, I made a difference. ~ Doug Kinne, M.D. 1941 - 2000

Doug's story, along with others whose lives have made a difference, could be a model for you and give you ideas of how to walk on a new path with purpose.  These examples are meant to encourage you - first to get unto His path, then to run your race well, and finally to stay until you reach the finish line.


When my 58-year-old husband died, a scripture verse from Acts 24 came to mind, "If only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me to do" (NIV).


Doug finished the task given him to do.  What an honor it must have been for him to reach heaven and hear our loving Father say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"


When Jesus died on the cross, He said, "It is finished."  God places a high value on finishing!

Are you asking the question, "How can I make the rest of my life count more than it already has for God's Kingdom purposes?"  If so, in the back of the book is a Study Guide section you might find helpful.  It can be used individually, with your spouse, or with a small discussion group.  You will find "Points to Ponder," "Practical Steps to Proceed," and a "Prayer for Pruning."


In Chapter 10 are a few short stories about others I'm acquainted with, who have also left careers to do mission work, people who literally took the plunge.


Finally, I pray you will be blessed in hearing an update about those who were the fruit of our decision to change direction.  I pray this book will cause you to re-evaluate your life and its direction.  If you are contemplating a change, I hope it will encourage you to follow your dream, run your race, and complete the task given you to do, while you still have the time!

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