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I can't believe that the Conway's have such insight into our marriage and my husband's Midllife Crisis! This book has given me HOPE!!!

My Husband got into an affair with a young woman in his office. I was devastated! This book gave me hope and very practical help. Every woman should get this book for a step by step way to save your marriage.

My husband is in crisis and when it first began, it was like the rug was suddenly pulled out from under me and my world no longer made any sense. Unfortunately, I knew nothing of Midlife Crisis, if I had I would have seen the signs of it in my husband prior. In reading your book, the craziness began to make sense, I have been able to understand what is going on with my husband and that his hurtful words and actions are not about me, which allows me to not take everything he has done so personally, but that there is something deeper going on in him. This has allowed me to step back and have a different view of everything, it has also allowed me to accept my part in our situation, but also has removed the his fault/her fault thinking. As I read this book, it became like an addictive treat, I couldn't put it down because it was talking to me, answering so many questions I have had, giving my world sense again. Now that I better understand what is happening to my husband, I can better accept that this is something he must go through and I will actually do him more help by putting on the armor, step back and just allow him to work through this in his time. But at least knowing does help me so much and the pain of my husband's crisis doesn't cut as deeply now knowing what is written in this wonderful book.