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What an inspiring story! Jan challenges every one of us to make our lives count, to do something really important with what we know and what we have in our hands. By her own example she demonstrates how to make a difference, not only in a few lives, but in communities all around the world. This book is a must-read for anyone who feels stuck in a job or circumstances that leave him feeling empty and unfulfilled. Poor proofreading is troublesome, but the content is excellent, challenging and definitely worth reading! It could even change your life!

Sometimes we think that stories about a deceased person's life are only valid if they are internationally famous or infamous. Jan's telling of her life with Doug proves this wrong. There are many Christians today who go unnoticed, who should be world famous for their sacrifices and worthy contributions to fellow humans. Doug and Jan's life together and their sacrifices to do God's work is one of those stories that can inspire anyone to do better and to do more. Read at your own peril. This book can challenge one to do more and believe that all is possible with God.

We all want our lives to count, to make a difference. In "The Finisher," we read the compelling story of one such life, someone who made a big difference and inspired others to do the same. Dr. Doug Kinne, a successful OB-GYN, and his wife Jan left the American Dream behind to serve God in medical missions, working in developing nations with the poor and needy. It was something he'd planned to do later, after retirement, but the fast-paced life he led in Petoskey MI -- he called it a rat race -- prompted him to make the change sooner.

Thankfully, he did so because Doug Kinne died of a brain tumor before he was 60. He once said, "The first half of my life I made a living. The second half, I made a difference." He didn't have as much time as he thought. His wife Jan wrote this book to warn others not to put off serving God until "later."

The book is a warm encounter with the Kinnes. It's astonishing what they accomplished in a relatively short time, fruit that remains today. By the end of the book, you will feel like you've lost a dear friend. Well-written through many tears, we are privileged to witness an intimate glimpse of a devoted wife releasing her beloved husband into the Lord's hands and trusting God for her own future.

"The Finisher" is a loving tribute to Doug Kinne -- the man, the doctor, the husband, and the faithful Christian who laid his life down to serve God and others.

Having known Doug Kinne as my doctor and the father of my teen-age sons' friends, I read The Finisher with great interest as it revealed another dimension of the man I had known as an extremely witty and, at times, almost boisterous, Ob-Gyn. Jan's book reveals Doug's deep spirituality and his tenderness for God's often neglected people. Clearly, the same sense of adventure that drew Doug Kinne to our north woods to hunt and fish so avidly also carried him to far-off places to show God's love even more intensely to the sick and the persecuted. His story clearly demonstrates that the abilities that God has given us might yet be used in ways that we have not even thought of up to this point in our lives and how important it is to pray for discernment to know God's will for us, not just at the beginning of our careers, but throughout life. Thank you, Jan, for sharing Doug with us in such an intimate way.

A purpose diven author writes a true account about a life well lived. It challenges all of us to ask "how can I add interest and excitement to my own life?"

I met Dr. Doug Kinne, an OB/GYN and his wife Jan, a nurse, who is the author of this book, The Finisher - a new path for your second half, while they were working with YWAM and the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii. Jan tells their story in a simple yet profound way of becoming successful medical professionals yet knowing that God had something more for them. Early on in their lives, they had a dream of becoming medical missionaries. Doug says it best, "The first half of my life, I made a living. The second half, I made a difference."

This journey started by taking time off of their jobs and going on short missions trips to South America to use their skills in teaching, training medically and sharing practically about their faith in God. As they saw more challenging mission situations, they recognized their need for more foundational training for this second career and so they came to Kona. Their world expanded with trips to countries to Asia and to the formerly Communist lands that were now experiencing political and spiritual freedom. Jan communicates powerfully about their first Easter in Albania and meeting people that had not lost their faith in God and yet lived under one of the most ruthless dictators. All of us need to meet these kinds of people.

Their friends thought they were a bit crazy taking early retirement from very successful jobs and going to developing nations providing free health care training and free medical clinics. But they quickly saw that this was not a passing thing. This is where most long term missionaries get their first taste of missions, taking a couple of weeks or a month and seeing the needs of the world. This is a great reading book but be careful, it may stir up hidden, dormant dreams that you have to make a difference in this world.

This is a book about the difference that two people can make when they follow their dream. How they changed their profession. How they impacted a Mission and a University. How God used them to touch many individuals.

This is also a story of pain and suffering as Doug was found to have a fatal brain tumor. At 58 years of age, Dr. Doug died October 14, 2000. He left a big hole in all of our lives but none more than the Kinne family. He loved God. He was a man of compassion like Jesus. Thanks Jan for sharing your story so openly and so honestly. Many will be able to read and know more about you and Dr. Doug.

If you want to be challenged to take God's Hand and fulfill His plan for your life, read The Finisher.
This is a tender love story. Take the amazing trips with them to many countries and cultures.
Jan and Doug never regretted their decision to step into medical missions before it was too late. Even when Doug's life
was cut short by cancer, they had already inspired many people with varying backgrounds to "step-out" and serve in missions.
I enjoyed this story. It is Jan's faithful tribute to her husband and to the Lord.

Once I started this incredible book I couldn't put it down.  I am still thinking about it today.  Many days I think to myself, "why am I here?"  And now after reading "The Finisher", that tells how a devoted couple decided to answer God's calling and do missionary work no matter where it took them, I have a lot more to think about as I seek to find out "why I am here".  "The Finisher" is a beauitiful tribute to this couple's life and works, and also offers wonderful insight on life in third world countries to the reader.

The Finisher is a wonderful, true story demonstrating the richness of life for those who love God and have a desire to serve him, no matter what your age. Jan takes the reader into her home, her heart, her relationship with her husband,Doug, her children and her God. She shares openly about her faith and her doubts as God called them into full time missions work,just as they were thinking about retirement. I experienced with delight, the highs and lows of their adventures as novice middle-aged missionries. Jan has given us a no-regret,heartfelt tribute to her husband, Doug -- The Finisher-- and a challenge to each of us to be willing to take on God's highest for our lives, till he calls us home.


“The Finisher” was simply Fantastic!

I can't believe this turned out to be the best book I've read all year — and even written by somebody I really know!  I'm serious, Jan, you did a marvelous job, and made it so readable, warm, real, honest, loving -- and just a great remembrance for me to "be with" Doug again.  You portrayed him so accurately, and written in a short, concise way -- it could have gone on many times longer -- I'm sure you did endless cutting -- so much more ----- but necessary for the general readership and I'm sure you will hear from many -- not only us that knew Doug so well, but from many who didn't because it was such a well written story about a great man, and a great marriage relationship.

I think the Jan did a great service to us all by writing this story of their experiences missionaries. I knew Doug from high school and I loved learning about their experiences. I laughed and cried a lot. I found the book very moving and thank Jan for writing it.

I just finished reading "The Finisher" by Jan Kinne Conway. I must say, it has been some time since a book has been this impactful. My wife (the love of my life after Jesus) met Jan at a YWAM University of the Nations / Kona Writer's Workshop last year and brought home a copy of the book. At her suggestion, I picked the book up and started reading. Not being able to put it down, I finished it in one sitting. This gem of a book was just the tipping point I needed! Our Jesus adventure has been in low gear in recent years, but I know that's all about to change! It's so easy to get caught up in the grind of daily life as defined by our culture. You know the deal - big house, nice cars, etc, etc. Somehow, no matter how much of the so called American Dream that we attain, it just never feels enough - never fulfilling. But this couple took the chance and jumped into real life with both feet. Thru it, they learned and held on to what we had just started to learn - and subsequently forgot; that life is truly found not in the accumulation of things, but in the pouring out of yourself into others.

The book is very well written and easy to digest. It's easy to see yourself in the midst of Jan and her husband's life events as though witnessing the various adventures. There is a flow and an underlying message that are smoothly woven throughout. I won't reveal any details of the second half, but suffice it to say that after hitting midpoint and reading about the woman in Albania who knew there was a Creator but didn't know His name, I lost it - the rest of the book was read thru tears. What an amazing life story they lived. The most amazing thing is that like many others who have taken that first step, they didn't have to be super-saints who were perfect in order for God to use them in the Kingdom. They just made themselves available and trusted God.

I can tell you, the American Dream in reality is an empty falsehood at best and a nightmare at worst. Isn't it time you listened to that small voice of the Spirit within and learned what life is really all about? This book will show you how and will encourage you to step into the life that God has for each one of us who will say "here I am - send me". He will -- and you'll find riches everlasting. If you love the Lord, are over 40, and believe there's more to real living, I challenge you to invest the cost of 2 or 3 fancy coffees with Italian names into something that may truly take you from 'making a living' to 'making a difference'... I double dog dare you!

Peace & blessings... Donn