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I met Dr. Doug Kinne, an OB/GYN and his wife Jan, a nurse, who is the author of this book, The Finisher - a new path for your second half, while they were working with YWAM and the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii. Jan tells their story in a simple yet profound way of becoming successful medical professionals yet knowing that God had something more for them. Early on in their lives, they had a dream of becoming medical missionaries. Doug says it best, "The first half of my life, I made a living. The second half, I made a difference."

This journey started by taking time off of their jobs and going on short missions trips to South America to use their skills in teaching, training medically and sharing practically about their faith in God. As they saw more challenging mission situations, they recognized their need for more foundational training for this second career and so they came to Kona. Their world expanded with trips to countries to Asia and to the formerly Communist lands that were now experiencing political and spiritual freedom. Jan communicates powerfully about their first Easter in Albania and meeting people that had not lost their faith in God and yet lived under one of the most ruthless dictators. All of us need to meet these kinds of people.

Their friends thought they were a bit crazy taking early retirement from very successful jobs and going to developing nations providing free health care training and free medical clinics. But they quickly saw that this was not a passing thing. This is where most long term missionaries get their first taste of missions, taking a couple of weeks or a month and seeing the needs of the world. This is a great reading book but be careful, it may stir up hidden, dormant dreams that you have to make a difference in this world.

This is a book about the difference that two people can make when they follow their dream. How they changed their profession. How they impacted a Mission and a University. How God used them to touch many individuals.

This is also a story of pain and suffering as Doug was found to have a fatal brain tumor. At 58 years of age, Dr. Doug died October 14, 2000. He left a big hole in all of our lives but none more than the Kinne family. He loved God. He was a man of compassion like Jesus. Thanks Jan for sharing your story so openly and so honestly. Many will be able to read and know more about you and Dr. Doug.