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Having known Doug Kinne as my doctor and the father of my teen-age sons' friends, I read The Finisher with great interest as it revealed another dimension of the man I had known as an extremely witty and, at times, almost boisterous, Ob-Gyn. Jan's book reveals Doug's deep spirituality and his tenderness for God's often neglected people. Clearly, the same sense of adventure that drew Doug Kinne to our north woods to hunt and fish so avidly also carried him to far-off places to show God's love even more intensely to the sick and the persecuted. His story clearly demonstrates that the abilities that God has given us might yet be used in ways that we have not even thought of up to this point in our lives and how important it is to pray for discernment to know God's will for us, not just at the beginning of our careers, but throughout life. Thank you, Jan, for sharing Doug with us in such an intimate way.