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We all want our lives to count, to make a difference. In "The Finisher," we read the compelling story of one such life, someone who made a big difference and inspired others to do the same. Dr. Doug Kinne, a successful OB-GYN, and his wife Jan left the American Dream behind to serve God in medical missions, working in developing nations with the poor and needy. It was something he'd planned to do later, after retirement, but the fast-paced life he led in Petoskey MI -- he called it a rat race -- prompted him to make the change sooner.

Thankfully, he did so because Doug Kinne died of a brain tumor before he was 60. He once said, "The first half of my life I made a living. The second half, I made a difference." He didn't have as much time as he thought. His wife Jan wrote this book to warn others not to put off serving God until "later."

The book is a warm encounter with the Kinnes. It's astonishing what they accomplished in a relatively short time, fruit that remains today. By the end of the book, you will feel like you've lost a dear friend. Well-written through many tears, we are privileged to witness an intimate glimpse of a devoted wife releasing her beloved husband into the Lord's hands and trusting God for her own future.

"The Finisher" is a loving tribute to Doug Kinne -- the man, the doctor, the husband, and the faithful Christian who laid his life down to serve God and others.