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Dear Jan!

I want to thank you for giving of yourself for God on Thursday evening. Surely you spent much time in prayer and in the discipline of writing in preparation. You were faithful in the assignment God gave you.


You were authentic, humorous, humble and inspirational. You ministered to me and, I believe, every woman in the room. I knew you were desiring to challenge the women and meet them at their point of need and you did just that. I have been praying that the seeds you planted will take deep root into all our hearts.


You are a delight to be with and I could sense that our women in the room felt connected to you. My prayer for you is that God continues to bless you and that He encourages your heart as you minister to us and all those God puts in your path.


Thank you sounds so simple, but it is heartfelt. We are blessed to have you with us for as long as God ordains!!!

In His love,

ps.. your husband, Jim, is adorable.... I love the way he loves you!